HAYON Manufacturing is exited to announce and introduce a full line of food grade release agents for 2016.

We have formed a new collaboration with the Stuart Hale Company, known for their 70 years of expertise in manufacturing quality baking release agents, food grade lubricants, and process aids which bring customers value while adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Hayon Automatic Pan Greasing Equipment does not require an exclusive proprietary brand of pan release; however this new collaboration offers customers the convenience of purchasing release agents which have been thoroughly evaluated and customized to ensure consistent application through our HAYON Automatic Pan Greasers. 

Our new introduction of HAYON line of release agents and pan grease formulas provide for spraying excellence and a 100% release rate.

HAYON release agents are available as standard formulations or may be custom formulated to suit your requirements.

HAYON release agents are Kosher registered, Gluten free and PHO free.

HAYON release agents are produced in a SQF certified facility and are available in fully recyclable five gallon pails, drums or totes.

Priced competitively regardless of your bakery application, we welcome the opportunity provide you with samples and price quotation.

Spec. sheets are available upon request.

Our equipment is designed to spray most any brand of liquid to semi-solid products including but not limited to; egg-wash, glazes, flavored oils, etc.


  1. 100% release rate
  2. May be custom formulated
  3. Kosher registered
  4. Gluten free
  5. PHO free
  6. Produced in a SQF certified facility